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I am really impressed with the platform, it helped me quickly find extra players for a summer basketball scrimmage we are running.


London Jaguars

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Highly user-friendly app with the best pick-up game community in London. I have used this app to play at least 4 times a week. Games are also usually waaaay cheaper than in other apps. I don't see why anyone should use another app. This is the best one if you're looking to play basketball in London with some really awesome people!

Yen Yi Tan


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App which is super easy to use and a lifesaver for people looking to ball in London

Koustav Bandyopadhyay


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Perfect app for pick up games!

Rushan Pun


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Great app to find games, sessions of all sorts. I use it for basketball and it's easy and efficient. I can even organize games and get loads of players. Very cool! Wish I had that years back. Seems that the founder is making it better day by day also. Great app for sports lovers and meeting new guys with same passion

Fab Mira


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Excellent app. Totally recommended.

Vitalijus Skirka


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Super useful way to find fellow team members for a game!

Andy Ross


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Fantastic app for basketball fans A superb app which shows the locations of basketball courts in the U.K. is really useful if you have moved to a new city and want to play! 5 stars.



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Amazing Amazing app! Keep updated on basketball games all around London! 5 stars!



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