Privacy Policy

Thank you for using GameOn Active.

GameOn Active Limited (“GameOn Active”, “we”, “our” and “us”) is a UK limited company, company number 12290086.

As defined in our Terms of Service (“Terms”), we provide various services (the “Service”) to you in relation to taking part in and organising sports events, managing sports facilities, and renting sports facilities.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains the personal data we collect about you during your use of the Service, how we use such data, the choices you have regarding how we communicate with you, your data privacy rights and how you can exercise them, and other important details in relation to how we treat your personal data.

Undefined terms in this Policy will have the meaning given to them in our Terms.

1         Personal data that we collect

When you use the Service, we collect the following categories of personal data about you through the Platform:

1.1        Data required to use the Service

We collect the following data about you to deliver to you the Service defined in our Terms.

1.1.1        Account registration data

When you sign up for the Service, we collect the following data from you: contact email address, password, display name, first and last name, contact number, the city in which you would like to play sports, and the sports you are interested in playing.

1.1.2        Facility data

If you are an Operator using the Platform to manage and rent out your Facilities, we collect the following data from you about the Facility: name, address, opening times, support sports, rentable configuration, and rental price.

1.1.3        Service usage data

We will collect the following data when you use the Service: location where you search for events, events you view, join, leave, messages you post on the event chat, venues you view and follow, players you view and follow.

1.1.4        Service access data

We will collect the following data when you use the Service: time and date at which you access the Service, technical information about the device you use to access the Service, including the device model, screen size and resolution, operating system, internet carrier / bandwidth.

We will also collect timestamps and details of actions you perform in the Apps and error / crash details in log files.

1.1.5        Payment card and bank account data

To facilitate online payments, we collect the following payment card data: 16-digit card number, 3-digit card security number, card expiry date and the post code of your address.

To enable you to receive online payments through the Service, we need to register your bank account with our payment service provider, through an onboarding process provided and managed by them.

During the onboarding flow, we will collect the following bank account data from you: your bank account sort code, account number, full name and address registered to the account. If you are a company, we are also legally required to collect information about the company including persons with significant control of the company, directors of the company and company registration number.

1.2        Data you may choose to provide to us

During your use of the Service you may choose to provide to us the following data about you.

1.2.1        Profile and facility pictures

You may at your discretion add a profile picture to your account profile, and if you are an Operator, you may also add pictures of the Facilities.

1.2.2        Your current location

At your discretion, you may allow us to access your current location in GA Connect, by explicitly providing your consent through the in-app pop-up.

1.2.3        Community, event and booking chat messages

GA Connect provides a community chat and Event specific chat, open to all users, and GA Operate provides a booking specific chat open only the Operator of Facility and the Booker. You may at your discretion post images, messages and links on these chats.

1.2.4        Player and venue ratings

GA Connect provides a player and venue rating feature and you may at your discretion provide such ratings.

2         Processing your personal data

We process your personal data in the following ways:

2.1        Data processing required to deliver the Service

We will process your personal data in the following ways to deliver the Service to you:

2.1.1        Sharing with other users

To help facilitate interaction between users and bookings we will share certain data about you publicly or with certain users, for example:

·        When you join an Event, your display name and profile picture (if provided) will appear on the public list of attendees which is visible to all users

·        Basic statistics about your activity on the Platform, for example, number of Events organised, number of Events joined, number of Facility bookings made, will be visible to all users.

·        When you make a booking at a Facility, we will share information about you with the Operator for them to identify you at the facility

2.1.2        Transactional emails and notifications

We will process your data to send you important information that you require to use the Service properly, including:

·        Emails with online payment receipts or refund confirmation

·        Push notifications to alert you of changes to details of Events you have joined, or new messages in chat rooms you are part of

·        Emails to keep you informed of the status of a Facility booking, including booking and payment confirmations, cancellations or any actions required of you

2.1.3        Personalise the Service to you

As stated in our Terms, to help you get the most out of the Service, we will personalise it to you by sending you via push notifications curated Event invitations relevant to you based on your city. If you have consented to allow us access to your current location as per section 1.2.2 of this Policy, we will also process that data for this purpose.

2.2        Data processed to improve the Service

2.2.1        Analysis error and crashes

We will process your usage and access data, which contains details of actions you perform in the Platform, to help diagnose any errors or crashes reported by you or other users, and to maintain and improve the Platform.

2.2.2        Aggregated usage statistics

We will process your usage data into aggregated and anonymised usage statistics, which we will use to:

·        advice potential Operators about the level of rental demand they may expect if they were to onboard their Facilities

·        monitor the level of usage of the Platform and help us configure the optimal level of database and server capacity to provision

3         Sharing your personal data with third parties

We only share your personal data with third parties to deliver our Service to you:

3.1        Personal data displayed in the Apps

As part of the Service, your user name and App usage statistics (for example, how many events you have joined, or when you last logged in) will be displayed in the Apps to facilitate organising and joining of events.

3.2        Personal data shared with online payment provider

As stated in section 1.1.4 of this Policy, if you need to make or receive online payments on the Platform, we will collect and share your payment card data and bank account data (“personal financial data”) with our payment service provider (“payment processor”).

We do not store your personal financial data on our servers. We only securely transmit your personal financial data to the payment processor to set up your payment card or bank account for making and receiving of payments online.

Once your payment card or bank account has been set up, we will collect from the payment processor, and store (in the case of payment cards, only if you explicitly instruct us to do so, otherwise we will use it only once and discard it) a token which we will use to facilitate your making and receiving of payments when instructed by you during your use of the Service.

The tokens are designed such that only we can use it on your behalf, and we do not share them with any other third parties except the payment processor that issued it to us.

3.3        Advertisements

We do not share your data with any third-party for the purposes of targeting their advertisements, nor do we facilitate or send you any third-party advertisements in our Platform.

However, we do provide a community chat feature on GA Connect, which allows any user to post untargeted messages to the entire community of users, these posts may be advertising third-party services, and include links to such services.

If you click on such links, you will usually leave the Service and be transferred to a third-party website. We are not responsible for any third parties’ content and privacy practices and any data you provide will not be covered by this Policy.

4         Your data privacy rights

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 (“UK GDPR”) you are afforded certain rights in relation to your personal data, which are:

4.1        Right of access, rectification and erasure

You may request access to or amend the personal data we have about you by contacting us by email as described in section 8 of this Policy.

You may request us to fully erase or anonymise the personal data we have about you, unless we are legally allowed or required to not do so, by contacting us by email as described in section 8 of this Policy.

4.2        Right to Restrict and Object

You may request us to stop processing some or all your personal data temporarily or indefinitely by contacting us by email as described in section 8 of this Policy.

Note we may suspend your account with us if complying with your request would result in us not being able deliver the Service to you.

If we are permitted to do so by all applicable laws, you may also request that we retain but not further process your data for any purpose, by contacting us by email as described in section 8 of this Policy.

4.3        Right to Data Portability

You may request that we provide a copy of your personal data to third parties in csv or other commonly available format, by contacting us by email as described in section 8 of this Policy.

4.4        Right not to be subject to automated decision making

We do not use your personal data to conduct any automated decision making as defined under the UK GDPR.

5         Retaining your personal data

Unless you have requested us to erase your personal data, we will retain your personal data only for as long as required to provide the Service to you.

6         Children under the age of 13

As stated in the Terms children under the age of 13 are not eligible to use the Service. If we become aware of any accounts being opened and operated by children under the age of 13 we will immediately delete any data associated with such accounts.

7         Changes to this Policy

We may from time to time make changes to this Policy to reflect changes in the Service. We will notify you in advance of such changes through the Platform or via email.



8         Contact us

You can contact us regarding your personal data by emailing us at

Please note that for security purposes we can only discuss or act on any instructions regarding the personal data connected to a specific account once we have verified that you are the owner of that account.